Aisa Kya Hogaya Tha Wahan Kaun Tha Wo ? - Ramsha Khan | Shehnai Best Scene

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Shehnai is a story of an innocent girl Bakht, who is in love with a deceitful boy Hunain. Her parents have finally selected a groom for her, which she plans to reject, and her quest to find true love continues.

Written By: Radian Shah

Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti


Affan Waheed
Ramsha Khan
Javed Sheikh
Nida Mumtaz
Behroz Sabzwari
Shehryar Zaidi
Salma Hassan
Samina Ahmad
Zainab Qayyum
Javeria Abbasi
Saleem Mairaj
Anum Tanveer
Umer Iqbal
Hammad Shoaib
Arsalan Faisal
Marium Noor
Maham Amir and others.

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spices of the world
spices of the world Il y a 4 jours
*Stop asking people probing personal questions. Why someone is not yet married or not having job or children is seriously not your business.Such is struggle is many are going through. Be kind and if you can't be those,keep quite*
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Amra khan
Amra khan Il y a 4 jours
Amazing ❤️
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