Mujh Se Kya Dushmani Hai Tumhari? Kinza Hashmi - Azmaish Presented By Ariel

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Azmaish is a story of two sisters and their step sister is being treated badly.

Written by: Sameena Aijaz

Directed: Fajr Raza

Shahood Alvi,
Yashma Gill,
Kinza Hashmi,
Laila Wasti,
Minsa Malik,
Fahad Sheikh,
Furqan Qureshi,
Gul-e-Rena and Others.

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میرا کمنٹ پڑھنے والے جا تیرا نصیب مکہ مدینہ میں ہوں مجھے لائیک اور سبسکراب کردیں۔شکریہ پیارے پاکستانی۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔👇
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I love Pakistani dramas
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